As i promised to all of you i am trying my best to keep up with the posting, despite being so behind with posting with all the sessions i had lately.
This is a very special family for us, they have been friends of my husband before i met him, i think actually since he was little. I met Elena before our wedding and she is such an amazing woman, with an amazing story. She found she had cancer a few weeks ago and we decided to take a few pictures with her family, nothing formal,but capturing them and heir love for each other. It was really cold outside so we could not be there for more then a few minutes, but we manage to get a few darling images. This amazing mommy with an amazing heart is full of life, beautiful smile, soft voice, and a looot of love that she shares with everybody around her! In fact i arrived early for our photo-shoot, and she was not home, but at the hospital because she heard her friend just delivered and she had to go and visit and bring some food for the new mommy.  I am always impressed with how well behaved the children are, and she is homeschooling all of them, growing a garden, cooking all those amazing meals, and always with a baby in her arms. We are praying for you and God be on your side Elena!

7-Year-Old Girl Helps Mom Battle Cancer:


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Emma Estera those were taken last year. It was so cold outside...
Estera Salters Emma, these are amazing :)...what a beautiful family!